Future of DAR Workshop 2019

2nd Future of Document Analysis and Recognition Workshop

To be held in Sydney, Australia, on September, 21st 2019 in conjunction with ICDAR 2019


This workshop is the second edition of a series of workshops that aim to provide a space for reflecting on the past and envisioning the future of our community. The first workshop of this type took place in ICDAR 2017 in Kyoto, Japan - you can find the program and topics we discussed two years ago here. In this second edition, we expect to go deeper in our discussions, and hopefully come up with a list of suggestions for continously improving ICDAR.

Workshop format

The workshop will be quite hands-on and is based on active participation of the attendands. We will fine-tune the dynamics of participation depending on the number of participants, hence it is important to know who is planning to attend in advance (see participation below). The workshop will be structured in three phases.

Before ICDAR

We share some facts and figures through this Web site in order to provide food for thought to the participants, in the form of a white paper that you can download here. In parallel, we will define a small set of initial topics for discussion, and invite registered attendants to share their views in an online debate platform. The objective of this phase is to collect a first crop of views that can be used as seeds for further face-to-face discussion during the workshop.

Please join the online debate! See instructions here.


Get the white paper here.

During the Workshop

During the workshop we will summarise the online discussions and continue the discussion face-to-face on a set of topics that will be selected on site. The discussions will probably take place in smaller groups (depending on space available and number of participants). There will be some time for preparing a summary of the discussions, and highlighting specific conclusions.

See the program of the workshop here.

During ICDAR

In order to give an opportunity to more ICDAR attendands to participate, we will host a session in parallel to the first poster session of the main conference. During this session we will summarise the key conclusions, and invite people to provide any more feedback there might be.

After ICDAR 

We hope to be able to produce a short document with specific actions proposed by the community, that should be useful material for the TC10 and TC11 teams and the ICDAR advisory board.


All registered attendants to ICDAR 2019 can participate to the workshop - no separate registration is necessary.

Nevertheless, In order to best plan for the workshop, and ensure that everyone present can actively participate, we need to control attendance. We would therefore appreciate it if you could indicate us your intention to attend by filling in our RSVP form.

Please join the online debate! See instructions here.