How to go from Barcelona Airport to the the Campus of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)



Barcelona Airport

Barcelona's el Prat Airport is approximately 25 kilometres from the UAB campus. The Computer Vision Center (CVC), the Workshop venue, and the Vila Universitaria apartments and Serhs Hotel Campus are located in the UAB campus. If you go from the airport to the UAB campus by car, the journey takes 25 minutes by highway. Different public transportation options are also available, all of them passing through Barcelona city (see map).

Barcelona airport information:

Tel. +34 93 298 70 00

Here we are an airport map that can be useful when you arrive.

planol aeroport

To reach the UAB campus from the airport

By taxi

It may be the fastest and easiest, but also the more expensive, way to come to UAB campus from Airport. It will cost you around 30€. For further information about taxi fares check here. Ask to taxi driver for going to UAB campus at Cerdanyola del Vallès and one time at campus you can show him map below and point your destination.

More information:, Tel: 93 223 51 51


Using public transportation

The easiest way to get the UAB campus from the airport is to go to Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona (either by bus or by train) and then take a train to the UAB campus. Two railway companies serve between Barcelona Pl. Catalunya and the UAB campus, namely RENFE and FGC.

From the Airport to Plaça Catalunya


There is a regular bus service between the Barcelona Airport and the center of Barcelona (Plaça de Catalunya). There are airport buses every 15 minutes. Once in Plaça Catalunya connect to the train service.

Schedule (Pl. Catalunya - Airport): Monday to Friday from 5.30 to 22.05 Saturday and holidays, from 6 to 22.20.
Schedule (Airport - Pl. Catalunya): Monday to Friday, from 6 to 23 Saturday and holidays, from 6.30 to 22.50.
Departs: every 15 minutes.
More information:, Tel: +34 93 415 60 20



In the airport, the railway station is at the end of the gateway which crosses the road. You should take a train of the Líne 1. It takes 25 minutes to the Plaça Catalunya station. Trains leave every 30 minutes at :12 and :42 minutes past the hour, and they run between 06:13 and 23:15, including weekends and public holidays.

Plaça Catalunya

This is a map of the Plaça Catalunya area where RENFE railway stations (logo renfe petit ) and FGC railway stations (logo fgc petit ) are identified:

From Plaça Catalunya to UAB Campus

The UAB campus has two railway stations of two railway companies in Catalonia, namely, the station of the FFCC Generalitat de Catalunya-FGC (Railways of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia), and the station of RENFE (National Network of Spanish Railways). In both cases, take the train at the Plaça de Catalunya station. The train takes 25 minutes to the UAB. Both of these companies provide special offers for connection to Barcelona's Metro and bus networks.


RENFE Line C4 in direction to Cerdanyola Universitat.

    Schedule: (Pl. Catalunya - Cerdanyola Universitat)
    Monday to Friday, from 7.30 to 20.30
    Not on Saturday and holiday.
    Schedule: (Cerdanyola Universitat - Pl. Catalunya)
    Monday to Friday, from 8:40 to 21:20
    Trains do not stop at Cerdanyola on weekends or public holidays
    Departs: every 30 minutes
    More information at, Tel. 902 240 202



FGC line S2 (Barcelona Plaça Catalunya - Sabadell) and line S55 (Barcelona Plaça Catalunya - UAB). To get to Vila Universitària and the SERHS Hotel Campus, get off the train at Bellaterra station. To better access the rest of the campus facilities, get off at Universitat Autònoma station. (At peak hours, trains run every 8 minutes.)

    Lines S2 (Pl Catalunya - Sabadell)


Line S55 (Pl Catalunya - Universitat Autònoma)

Schedule: (Pl. Catalunya - Universitat Autònoma)
Monday to Friday, from 5.15 to 23.48
Saturday and holidays, from 5.45 to 1:20
Schedule: (Universitat Autònoma - Pl. Catalunya)
Monday to Friday, from 8:43 to 21:33
Saturday and holidays, from 5:31 to 22:01
Departs: each 20 minutes and 8 minutes in rush hours
More information at, Tel: +34 93 205 15 15
The S55 line does not operate on weekends, public holidays or during UAB holiday periods.

Night bus N62 (From Plaça Catalunya to UAB campus at night)

This night bus service connects UAB with the center of Barcelona when the FGC trains have stopped running. This service operates every day.
There are buses from Barcelona to Vila Universitària, every hour from 01:05 to 04:05. The journey takes approximately 35 minutes.
Buses leave the Vila Universitària every hour from 24:18 to 03:18. The journey takes approximately 42 minutes.
Tel. 93 727 92 92 (Sarbus, Sabadell station).
Route and Bus stops: Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona) - Plaça Tetuan (Barcelona)- Carrer Balmes (Ripollet) - Fontetes (Cerdanyola de Vallès) - Vila Universitària (UAB) - FGC station in Bellaterra - Plaça Cívica (UAB) - FGC station in Sant Cugat del Vallès.
The inbound Barcelona bus includes extra stops at Carrer Marina and the central post office (Correus) before terminating in Plaça Catalunya.


Internal Bus service in the UAB Campus

The UAB has its own free bus service connecting the main centers and faculties with the RENFE Cerdanyola-Universitat station.
(see Transport, Buses).
Tel. 93 581 27 13

Blue line: Estació Renfe - Ciències - Lletres - C. Educació - Rectorat/Veterinària - Eix Central/FGC - Eix central/Econòmiques - Estació Renfe.

Red line: Estació Renfe - Medicina/C. Comunicació - Vila Sud - Vila Hotel - Eix Central/FGC - Rectorat/Veterinària - C. Educació - Lletres/Ciències - Estació Renfe.

Bus frequency during class hours, every 15 minutes*.
Frequency during non-class hours and on weekends and public holidays, every 30 minutes.

*During July and September every 30 minutes. There is no service in August.