The ICDAR 2011 competition has now finished. You can read about the the conclusions and final results in the competition's report and presentation. From October 2011 this Challenge has enter a continuous mode, meaning that new methods can be submitted at any time.

Participation is managed in an open mode. This means that we expect participants to run their own algorithms and upload to this page the result files directly and not the algorithms themselves.

Once an author submis results for a task, the performance evaluation metrics for this task are automatically calculated. The author can see a summary comparison of his results to the ones submitted for the ICDAR 2011 competition as well as public results of other authors. Each author can indicate whether submitted results are "private" (only the author can see the evaluation results) or "public" (anyone can see the results and compare against them).

In addition, for each task the author will have the ability to enter into a detailed view, and examine image by image the evaluation results.

Whoever desires to use this functionality will be required to register on this Web site. Download the training and test sets and corresponding ground truth from the Downloads page. Submit your own results using the My Methods tab. See the comparative results at the Results tab.

Important Dates
  • 25 February: Webpage is now online! Registrations page is open.
  • 20 March: Training dataset will be available
  • 1 June: Test dataset available
  • 1-3 June: Test period
  • 3 June: Submission of results