Take with you your herbarium

This application allows you to create your own herbarium, take pictures of your plants or plants you see on your trips, add information to the family, genus or species.

Classify the pictures by flowers, leafs, fruits, give a note to the pictures or add descriptions to your photos.

Search for a specie in your herbarium

Use the search form to find easily any family, genus or specie in your herbarium without having to navigate through it.
Add new images to your species, access their fact sheet or localized the specie in the map.

Take a look to the map and see where you got your specimens

On the map you can see where you took each one of your pictures, see your position and hide those families you are not interested on that moment to concentrate on those you are. Access the fact sheet directly from the image selected.

Switch to satellite map when you are in the field so you can see the dirt roads.

Learn or practice with tests

Create test to practice your species identification or use them to teach your kids how to recognize species.

Choose number of questions difficulty or what type of images to use.