Teaching computers to understand music at this year’s European Researchers’ Night

The European Researchers’ Night is an international event that takes place every year simultaneously in many European cities. The main aim of the event is to bring researchers closer to the public and give citizens the opportunity to actively participate in science.

This year’s edition took place on Friday 27th of September. The Computer vision Center took part in two different activities within Barcelona. Our PhD student Arnau Baró gave a microtalk on how to teach computers to read music scores and our intern Jialuo Chen collaborated in a workshop of our XARXES project at UB’s historic building along with the UAB’s Demographic Studies Center (CED) .

For further information: http://www.buscaciencia.cat/esdeveniments/nit-de-la-recerca-2019/

CVC Researchers at this year’s ICDAR 2019

Several CVC researchers attended the 15th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR 2019) that took place in the International Convention Centre in Sydney, Australia, from the 20 to 25th of September. ICDAR is the largest gathering on Document Analysis worldwide, in which CVC normally has an important presence.

The articles presented were the following:

Table Detection in Invoice Documents by Graph Neural Networks, by authors Pau Riba, Anjan Dutta, Lutz Goldmann, Alicia Fornés, Oriol Ramos and Josep Lladós.

Training-Free and Segmentation-Free Word Spotting using Feature Matching and Query Expansion, by authors Ekta Vats, Anders Hast and Alicia Fornés.

Can One Deep Learning Model Learn Script-Independent Multilingual WordSpotting?, by authors Mohammed Al-Rawi, Ernest Valveny and Dimosthenis Karatzas.

Recurrent Comparator with attention models to detect counterfeit documents, by authors Albert Berenguel Centeno, Oriol Ramos Terrades, Josep Lladós i Canet and Cristina Cañero Morales.

ICDAR 2019 RRC on Scene Text Visual Question Answering, by authors Ali Furkan Biten, Rubén Perez Tito, Andres Mafla, Lluis Gomez, Marçal Rusiñol, Minesh Mathew, C.V. Jawahar, Ernest Valveny and Dimosthenis Karatzas

Selective Style Transfer for Text, by authors Raul Gomez, Ali Biten, Dimosthenis Karatzas, Lluis Gomez, Jaume Gibert and Marçal Rusiñol



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Master in Computer Vision presentation 2019

The 2019-2020 promotion of the Master in Computer Vision had its official kick off the last Friday 27th of September at the Computer Vision Center.

In this welcome session, students had the opportunity to introduce themselves and get to know more about their course and all the institutions involved in the master’s organisation (UAB, UPC, UOC and UPF).

More information at the master’s official website: http://pagines.uab.cat/mcv/

6th Annual Catalan Meeting on Computer Vision (ACMCV2019)

The 6th Annual Catalan Meeting on Computer Vision (ACMCV2019) took place this year on the 17th of September at the Espai Bital, in Barcelona. It is organized every year by the Computer Vision Center and the coordinators of the Master in Computer Vision of several Catalan universities (UAB, UOC, UPC and UPF). The goals of these anual meetings are to strengthen the Catalan academic and industrial Computer Vision network, to highlight the most relevant research results and to allow students from the Master in Computer Vision to meet and interact with members of the Catalan CV community.

This edition, as always, hosted the master thesis presentations of the students of the Master in Computer Vision, a poster session and two keynote lectures carried out by Dr. Gerard Pons-Moll, from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, with the title ‘Learning from Digital Humans from Images, Videos and Scans’, and Dr. Agata Lapedriza, from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya whose talk was focused on the evolution of her research in Computer Vision during the last ten years.

Presentation of the Computer Vision Catalan Alliance

Furthermore, we had the kick-off presentation of the Computer Vision Catalan Alliance. This terriotorial alliance aims to promote and foster collaboration within the Computer Vision ecosystem, joining the expertise of  researchers and entrepreneurs in this discipline who are currently based in Catalonia. Dr. Josep Lladós, CVC’s Director, gave a brief introduction and context of the Alliance. Directly after that, there was a panel discussion on the pilars of the Computer Vision Catalan Ecosystem with actors from both industry and Academia: Dr. Elisenda Bou (Vilynx), Mr. Oscar Sala (MWC Barcelona), Dr. Marco Bressan (Satellogic) and Dr. Xavier Giró (IDEAI-UPC). The debate was moderated by Xantal Llavina (TV3 journalist) and closed by the Director of Innovation and Digital Economy of the Catalan Government, Mr. Daniel Marco.

The program and more details about the event can all be found here: http://acmcv.cat/


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