CVC Researchers at CVPR 2020

CVC researchers have presented a total of 7 papers at this year’s Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference (CVPR 2020), the world’s biggest gathering on Computer Vision Science. Like so many events impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s edition has taken place virtually from June 14 to June 19th.

CVC’s presence at CVPR 2020 has been the following:

Accepted Papers at CVPR (Main Conference):

  1. Wang, A. González-Garcia, D. Berga, L. Herranz, F. Shahbaz Khan, J. van de Weijer (2020): MineGAN: effective knowledge transfer from GANs to target domains with few images
  2. Porzi, M. Hofinger, I. Ruiz, J. Serrat, S. Rota Bulò, P. Kontschieder (2020): Learning Multi-Object Tracking and Segmentation from Automatic Annotations
  3. Oguz Yazici, A. Gonzalez-Garcia, A. Ramisa, B. Twardowski, J. van de Weijer (2020): Orderless Recurrent Models for Multi-label Classification
  4. Yu, B. Twardowski, X. Liu, L. Herranz, K. Wang, Y. Cheng, S. Jui, J. van de Weijer (2020): Semantic Drift Compensation for Class-Incremental Learning
  5. Wang, S. Khan, A. Gonzalez-Garcia, J. van de Weijer, F. Shahbaz Khan (2020): Semi-supervised Learning for Few-shot Image-to-Image Translation
  6. Sudhakaran, S. Escalera, O. Lanz (2020): Gate-Shift Networks for Video Action Recognition

Invited Talks at Workshops:

Invited Talk by Dr. Dimosthenis Karatzas on “Scene Text VQA: Modelling the interplay between visual and textual information” at the Visual Question Answering and Dialog Workshop, CVPR 2020. Watch the talk here

Invited Talk by Dr. Josep Lladós on “Reading of Population Records: A Digital Twin of the Past Societies” at the Text and Documents in the Deep Learning Era Workshop, CVPR 2020.


Edgar Riba, Vassileios Balntas, Dmytro Mishkin: Local Features: From SIFT to Differentiable Methods. CVPR 2020 Tutorial.