CVC researchers at this year’s ECCV2018

Several CVC researchers attended this year’s European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) that took place in Munich, Germany, from the 8 to 14th of September. CVC presented 6 papers in total to the main conference, and several other papers at the Conference’s Workshops:

Dr. Lluís Gómez, Dr. Marçal Rusiñol and Andrés Mafla presented their paper ‘Single Shot Scene Text Retrieval‘, Yaxing Wang presented his ‘Transferring GANs: generating images from limited data‘, Pau Rodriguez presented ‘Attend and Rectify: a Gated Attention Mechanism for Fine-Grained Recovery‘ and Dr. Sergio Escalera presented two papers: ‘Folded Recurrent Neural Networks for Future Video Prediction‘ and ‘Deep Structure Inference Network for Facial Action Unit Recognition‘ along with Dr. Meysam Madadi. Dr. Antonio López and Felipe Codevilla presented their paper On Offline Evaluation of Vision-based Driving Models

In other hand, Raúl Gómez presented a poster and an oral presentation of his work ‘Learning to Learn from Web Data‘ at the ECCV 1st Multimodal Learning and Applications Workshop, Dr. Antonio López presented a demo of the CARLA simulator and Dena Bazazian was one of the selected Phd students to organise the Women in Computer Vision ECCV 2018 Workshop, and also presented a poster at the Epic Workshop her posterSoft-PHOC Descriptor for End-to-End Word Spotting in Egocentric Scene Images.

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