We had a good representation of CVC people at this year’s NeurIPS which took place on the first week of December in Montreal. The articles presented were the following:

‘Memory Replay GANs: learning to generate images from new categories without forgetting, by authors Chenshen Wu, Luis Herranz, Xialei Liu, Yaxing Wang, Dr. Joost van de Weijer and Dr. Bogdan Raducanu (all from CVC);

Image-to-image translation for cross-domain disentanglement, by authors Dr. Abel González, Dr. Joost van de Weijer and Dr. Yoshua Bengio;

‘TADAM: Task dependent adaptive metric for improved few-shot learning, by authors Boris N. Oreshkin, Pau Rodriguez (CVC member) and Dr. Alexandre Lacoste

At the Metalearning Workshop:

Cross-Modulation Networks for Few-Shot Learning, by authors Hugo Prol (CVC master student), Vicent Dumoulin and Luis Herranz.

Carlos Sierra

The author Carlos Sierra