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Dr. Debora Gil invited speaker at the conference “L’Estadística de les Coses”


CVC researcher, Dr. Debora Gil, took part in the Spring Meeting “L’Estadística de les coses”, organized by Societat Catalana d’Estadística. In this edition, the conference focused on Data Science and the Internet of Things and was held the 5th of June at the Conference Room of the ETSAB (Barcelona School of Architecture).

Font: Societat Catalana d’Estadística

Dr. Debora Gil gave the talk “Iot4 Health: Uncertainty Prediction for Personalized Health”, about IoT applied to personalized health and biomedical research. She also took part in the conclusions round table at the end of the session with the rest of the speakers. Among them, we could find Dra. Carme Torras (IRI-CSIC), Dr. Ricard Gavaldà (UPC), Cristina Giner (Data CRM Consultant) and, as a moderator, Dr. Ernest Pons (University of Barcelona)

Font: Societat Catalana d’Estadística

If you miss Dr. Debora Gil’s speeach, you can watch the conference in the following tweet (in Catalan):

Nuria Martínez

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