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CVC NeuroComputation and Biological Vision Team (NeuroBiT) gave three talks and presented one poster at the 8th Iberian Conference on Perception, which was held from the 20th to the 22nd of June in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, Spain.

This conference is focused on Perception, emphasizing different aspects like: Motion Perception, Spatial Vision,Stereopsis, Color Perception, Perception and Action, Attention and Cognition, Auditory Perception, Multisensory Integration and Reading/Speech Perception.

On Thursday 20th of June, Dr. Alejandro Párraga presented the poster “Modelling symmetry perception with banks of quadrature convolutional Gabor kernels”. On the other hand, our PhD student David Berga gave two talks: “Computational modeling of visual attention: What do we know from physiology and psychophysics?” and “Measuring bottom-up visual attention in eye tracking experimentation with synthetic images”. Last but not least, Dr. Xavier Otazu gave the talk No chromatic-chromatic interaction in colour assimilation” and he was also the organizer of the conference’s symposium “Computational Perception”.

David Berga at the Iberian Conference on Perception 2019
Dr. Xavier Otazu giving a talk at the Iberian Conference on Perception 2019
Dr. Alejandro Párraga presenting his poster at the Iberian Conference on Perception 2019
Nuria Martínez

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