On July 25th, we celebrated the Fourteenth CVC Workshop on Computer Vision Trends and Challenges (CVCR&D2019), the annual half-day workshop to present the current state of the art of the PhD students’ ongoing research and the analysis of the proposals for close future lines of work. This year’s Organising Committee is formed by Dr. Dena Bazazian and Dr. Jose Antonio Iglesias.

The workshop comprised four different oral sessions with quick presentations dedicated to the several research topics related to computer vision: (1) Machine Vision, Appearance Analysis and Applications, (2) From Music Scores to Hand Written Texts: Robust Reading and Document Analysis, (3) Autonomous Driving, Action Recognition and Siamese Architectures and (4) Learning to Learn.

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Furthermore, an informal poster session was held during coffe breaks. This session is an excellent chance for PhD students to share their work with the CVC community and to receive valuable feedback.

Nuria Martínez

The author Nuria Martínez