Kornia Hackathon 2019

The Computer Vision Center is hosting the Kornia Hackathon 2019 on December 14th. The aim of the event is a hands-on in differentiable computer vision with PyTorch session with two of the Kornia project leaders, Edgar Riba and Dmytro Mishkin.

Edgar Riba is one of the main promoters of Kornia, member of the Open Source Vision foundation and OpenCV technical committee member. He is currently finishing his PhD at the UPC on ‘Geometric Computer Vision and Local Features detection’. On the other hand, Dmytro Mishkin, also a Kornia promoter, is currently a PhD student at the Centre for Machine Perception of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Furthermore, Dmytro is the ex-CTO of Clear Research, the co-founder of the Ukrainian Research Group “Szkocka”, co-founder of the Eastern European Computer Vision Conference (EECVC) and Kaggle Master.

The Hackathon will start at 10.00 and finish at 18.00.  The Hackathon is sponsored by Open CV, the OSVF (Open Source Vision Foundation), the Computer Vision Center, Pytorch and AWS. All twitter promotion will be available under the hashtag #HackathonKornia19.

Technical requirements

A solid knowledge of PyTorch, Computer Vision and Deep Learning would be ideal.


Registration is open until December 12th here: https://forms.gle/xRGw1k6njDzthRkB6

About Kornia

Kornia is an open source Computer Vision library for PyTorch. More information on the projecte here: https://kornia.github.io/

Any queries must be directed to edgar.riba@osvf.org