Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV 2020)

This year’s Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision took place in Aspen, Colorado from the 1st to the 5th of March. This Conference is “the IEEE’s and the PAMI-TC’s premier meeting on applications of computer vision”. The CVC researchers that attended were PhD students Lei Kang, Raúl Gómez, Edgar Riba and Andrés Mafla.

The papers presented were the following: 

L. Kang, M. Rusiñol, A. Fornés, P. Riba, M. Villegas (2019): Unsupervised Writer Adaptation for Synthetic-to-Real Handwritten Word Recognition

R. Gómez, J. Gibert, L. Gómez, D. Karatzas (2019): Exploring Hate Speech Detection in Multimodal Publications

E. Riba, D. Mishkin, D. Ponsa, E. Rublee, G. Bradski (2019): Kornia: an Open Source Differentiable Computer Vision Library for PyTorch

A. Mafla, S. Dey, A.F. Biten, L. Gómez, D. Karatzas (2019): Fine-grained Image Classification and Retrieval by Combining Visual and Locally Pooled Textual Features


Carlos Sierra

The author Carlos Sierra