A total of 7 CVPRs 2020 accepted at CVC


There’s no doubt that this year’s events will be quite different to past years, however, we are very pleased to announce that a total of 7 papers have been accepted from CVC people to this year’s CVPR. Congratulations to the authors!

The papers can be accessed here (list isn’t ready with all the papers, will be updated as soon as they are published in arxiv):

Y. Wang, A. González-Garcia, D. Berga, L. Herranz, F. Shahbaz Khan, J. van de Weijer (2020): MineGAN: effective knowledge transfer from GANs to target domains with few images

L. Porzi, M. Hofinger, I. Ruiz, J. Serrat, S. Rota Bulò, P. Kontschieder (2020): Learning Multi-Object Tracking and Segmentation from Automatic Annotations

V. Oguz Yazici, A. Gonzalez-Garcia, A. Ramisa, B. Twardowski, J. van de Weijer (2020): Orderless Recurrent Models for Multi-label Classification

L. Yu, B. Twardowski, X. Liu, L. Herranz, K. Wang, Y. Cheng, S. Jui, J. van de Weijer (2020): Semantic Drift Compensation for Class-Incremental Learning

Y. Wang, S. Khan, A. Gonzalez-Garcia, J. van de Weijer, F. Shahbaz Khan (2020): Semi-supervised Learning for Few-shot Image-to-Image Translation

S. Sudhakaran, S. Escalera, O. Lanz (2020): Gate-Shift Networks for Video Action Recognition


Carlos Sierra

The author Carlos Sierra