Several CVC researchers attended the 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR’2020), which took place fully virtual on January 10-15th, 2021 due to the pandemic. ICPR is the flagship conference of IAPR the International Association of Pattern Recognition and the premiere conference in pattern recognition, covering computer vision, image, sound, speech, sensor patterns processing and machine intelligence. On this year’s edition, CVC researchers presented 8 papers in total: 3 orals and 5 posters at the main conference and 2 papers at the Conference’s Workshops.

The papers presented at ICPR2020 were the following: 

Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction with Graph Neural Networks in Semi Structured Documents, by authors Manuel Carbonell, Pau Riba, Mauricio Villegas, Alicia Fornés and Josep Lladós (oral)

Learning to Rank for Active Learning: A Listwise Approach, by authors Minghan Li, Xialei Liu, Joost Van de Weijer and Bogdan Raducanu (oral)

A Few-Shot Learning Approach for Historical Ciphered Manuscript Recognition, by authors Mohamed Ali Souibgui, Alicia Fornés, Yousri Kessentini and Crina Tudor (Best Student Paper Award) (oral)

Rank-Based Ordinal Classification, by authors Joan Serrat and Idoia Ruiz (poster)

LiNet: A Lightweight Network for Image Super Resolution, by authors Armin Mehri, Parichehr Behjati Ardakani and Angel D. Sappa (poster)

Text Recognition – Real World Data and Where to Find Them, by authors Klára Janouková (CMP-CTU in Prague), Lluis Gomez, Dimosthenis Karatzas and Jiri Matas (poster)

Uncertainty-Aware Data Augmentation for Food Recognition, by authors Eduardo Aguilar, Bhalajo Nagarajan, Rupali Khatun, Marc Bolaños and Petia Radeva (Universitat de Barcelona & CVC) (poster)

Modeling Long-Term Interactions to Enhance Action Recognition, by authors Alejandro Cartas, Petia Radeva and Mariella Dimiccoli (Universitat de Barcelona & CVC) (poster)

Papers presented at the Conference’s Workshops:

Towards Stroke Patients’ Upper-limb Automatic Motor Assessment Using Smartwatches, by authors Asma Bensalah, Jialuo Chen, Alicia Fornés, Cristina Carmona-Duarte, Josep Lladós and Miguel A. Ferrer, presented at the Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Applications Workshop (AIHA 2020).

Understanding Event Boundaries for Egocentric Activity Recognition from Photo-Streams, by authors Alejandro Cartas, Estefania Talavera, Petia Radeva and Mariella Dimiccoli (Uniersitat de Barcelona & CVC), presented at the Workshop on Applications of Egocentric Vision (EgoApp).


Mohamed Ali Souibgui: ICPR2020 Best Student Paper Award

CVC PhD Student Mohamed Ali Souibgui won the ICPR2020 Best Student Paper Award of the Document and Media Analysis Track for his paper “A Few-shot Learning Approach for Historical Ciphered Manuscript Recognition at the 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2020). He presented the paper as an oral on January 15th 2021.


Nuria Martínez

The author Nuria Martínez