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Xarxes project presented today to the archivist community of the Barcelona metropolitan area

The Xarxes project was presented today to archivists from different locations of the Barcelona metropolitan area at the Regional Archive of the Baix Llobregat region. The goal of the meeting was to explain the project and give archivists the tools in order to implement the project within their Archives, how to motivate volunteers and the final objective of creating a global historical social network.

The event was presented by Enric Cobo, Catalunya’s general archive Coordinator; Jusep Boyà, Catalunya’s general archive Director and Jordi San José, Sant Feliu’s Town Mayor. The project has been introduced by CVC’s director, Dr. Josep Llados, and has then been explained by Dr. Alicia Fornes (CVC) and Dr. Maria Joana Pujades (Barcelona Demographic Center), the latter being the co-directors of the project.

Xarxes is a project funded by Recercaixa, a research grant awarded by the Obra Social La Caixa and ACUP, the Catalan Association of Public Universities.

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