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Computer Vision and Robotics at Barcelona’s Maker Faire

The CVC was present last Weekend at Barcelona’s Maker Faire at the Italian Pavilion at Fira de Barcelona. The Center presented four projects: the first of them, an open source air hockey robot created by Dr. Alicia Fabregues, from the IIIA institute and UAB professor. This air hockey robot works with a simple app containing computer vision which detects the robotic arm and the player’s movements in order to planify the next move.

The second project was Memory Fields, a prototype that turns simple toys into useful tools, also using computer vision. With this, the camera located in the base of the prototype analises the user’s movements and interaction with the toys and thus gives a command to the computer. This project has been developed by Daniel García Pampín, and supervised by Dr. Fernando Vilariño, CVC’s associate director.

Thirdly, a self erasing board, called Erasinator 9000, created by engineering student Lakshminarayanan Sriram, which erases the board according to will by recognising hand gestures. And last, but not least, a robotic hand created by a group of UAB engineering students and presented by Daniel Herbón.

Have a look at all the pictures here:

Carlos Sierra

The author Carlos Sierra