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Best industry paper award at BMVC2017 for the ADAS team at CVC

The paper ‘Slanted stixels: Representing San Francisco’s Steepest Streets‘ has been awarded the best industry paper award at the British Machine Vision Conference 2017 in London. This paper is the result of the work produced by CVC, UAB and Daimler, more specifically authors Daniel Hernández, Lukas Schneider, Dr. Antonio Espinosa, Dr. David Vázquez, Dr. Uwe Franke, Dr. Marc Pollefeys and Dr. Juan C. Moure. The paper was presented as an oral session on the 5th of September at BMVC 2017 and it presents a novel compact scence representation based on stixels that infers geometric and semantic information. Congratulations to all the authors!


alexandra canet

The author alexandra canet