Wooden Robot Toy Hold Tea Bag

CVC is having monthly informal gatherings called CVC tea talks, in which we discuss diferent ideas, topics or share insights and news. CVC tea talks started in September 2017, and this is the relation of events and topics we have covered:


February 22nd 2018 – programme not yet defined.


September 21st 2017 – Chenshen Wu introduced himself, Claire Pérez-Mangado explained her work in TedXGracia and Pau Rodríguez proposed a debate on ethics in AI.

October 26th 2017 – Idoia Ruiz, Guillem Cucurull and Wai Kang introduced themselves, and we had a mini- debate on AI bots in social networks and how to regulate them.

January 25th 2018 – Anguelos Nicolau explained his international internship experience and we also discussed other CVC Tea Talk formats. 



Find all the CVC tea talks pictures here: Tea talks flickr 


Carlos Sierra

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