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Two computational neuroscience PhD students at CVC, E-life ambassadors

Alexandra Canet / Computer Vision Center

Xim Cerdà-Company and David Berga are on their last year of their computational neuroscience PhD and have recently become ambassadors of E-life, one of the most renowned open science journals worldwide.

E-life has an ambassador network which is in charge of promoting the values and vision of Open Science and the philosophy of the journal. Citing their own words: “An eLife Ambassador believes that responsible behaviours in science should be recognised and rewarded, and that a change in culture is required. As an Ambassador, you will take this shared vision to your community and engage it in advancing these goals.”

Xim Cerdà-Company is pursuing his research thesis on ‘Colour perception and colour processing in V1’ and David Berga is working on the ‘Psychophysical and neurodynamical understanding of visual saliency’. They are both under the supervision of Dr. Xavier Otazu, senior CVC researcher and UAB professor who works actively on computational neuroscience, colour perception, visual psychophysics and human vision modelling.

By joining the E-Life ambassador community, both Xim and David hope to expand Open Science and the values of collaboration within science research and their peers at Barcelona. As Xim Cerdà-Company explains, “We think it’s a great opportunity of joining an active network of scientists working to make Science and Research accessible to all publics and thus boosting scientific collaborations worldwide”.

Know more about the E-life Ambassador network here:


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