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Slides on Tensorflow, Structured SVMs and Gaussian processes


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Expert systems with applications, July 2017, doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2017.07.024

Sensors, Vol. 16, No. 6, 2016. doi:10.3390/s16060820

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ACCV 2012

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CVPR 2010

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Software Design

Undergraduated course at at UAB. Covers two key aspects of software design: object orientation plus design patterns, and the graphical user interface. The adopted approach is project-based: the students design and implement a time tracker application for Android.

Computer Vision Master

Here I’m lecturing

  • Probabilistic graphical models, in M2: Optimization and inference
  • Tensorflow, a single lecture in M5: Visual Recognition


Dead or alive

Método y sistema para la clasificación automática de cálculos renales

(Method and system for the automatic classification of kidney stones) Fran Blanco, Felipe Lumbreras, Joan Serrat, Montserrat Lopez, Manuel Valiente. Application number P201430927, June 2014.

System and method for the nighttime vehicle detection

(Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Detektieren von Fahrzeugen bei Dunkelheit). Antonio M. López, Andreas Busse, Jörg Hilgenstock, Ramón Baldrich, Felipe Lumbreras, Joan Serrat. Publication number: DE 102008048309.5. Priority date: 2008-09-22. Applicant: Volkswagen A.G.

Headlight evaluation process

Authors: Jordi Carrasco, Francesc Dorca, Magnolia Paredes, Jose Manuel Alvarez, Antonio Lopez, Felipe Lumbreras, Joan Serrat. Publication number: EP 1970690 (A2)(A3), ES 2319033 (A1). Priority date: 2007-03-15. Applicant: Seat, S.A.

System and method for lane markings recognition for automobiles

(Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Erkennung einer Fahrbahnmarkierung für Kraftfahrzeug). Thorsten Graf, Antonio López, Joan Serrat, Felipe Lumbreras. Publication number: DE 102006007550 A1. Priority date: 2006-11-09. Applicant: Volkswagen A.G.



A system for automatic kidney stone classification to reduce the probabilty of recurrence. Output is kidney class and diet recommendations (2014-17)

Silicon hose quotation

A web service for quick silicone hose quotation from STL files, blueprints and pictures (2010-11,15)

Garment preshipment sizing

Automatically obtain accurate measures from garment items (jackets, pants and shirts) right before shipment (2014-15)

Feature matching

Point and region matching as inference on a graphical model (2009-12)

Graphical models

Graphical models for joint object segmentation and recognition (2010-11)

Video alignment

On how to align spatially and temporally two videos recorded by a vehicle while driving on one same track (2007-10)

Headlights comparison

How to compare two headlight systems (on different vehicles and times) in dynamic, that is, while driving with them ? (2006-07)

Lane markings detection

Robust line markings detection (2005-6)

A 3d digitizer for hearing aid moulds

P3 is a prototype for 3d digitization of hearing aid moulds, to produce hearing aid devices customized to the inner ear channel of each person (1999-2000)

Inspection of industrial sieves

Computation of automatic aperture size distribution of precision sieves employed in the industry (1997-98)