Silicon hose quotation


Delivering proforma invoices to clients in a short time is key to many companies. The main goal of TubeQuoter is to automatically compute the manufacturing price of a silicone hose. The final price depends on two factors: the manufacturing time per item and the type of coating textile needed. TubeQuoter automatically estimates the former from four types of inputs:

  • tube length, diameter and number of bends
  • stereolitography (STL) files
  • scanned images of tube blueprints
  • photographs of the tube showing two or three orthogonal views

This estimation is performed through a regressor trained with examples. TubeQuoter is a web service that can be accessed both from desktop PC and mobile and tablet devices. The result is a proforma invoice PDF document that can be obtained in a matter of seconds.

On desktop pc, tablet or mobile platforms

input from blueprints on PC/tablet

input from picture

input from blueprints on mobile

What’s inside ?

  • RANSAC for 3D reconstruction from STL files (3D point cloud)
  • Gaussian process for manufacturing time prediction from 3D shape dimensions
  • developed in Java with Play2, Javascript with paperjs, and more


2010-11 and 2015


Felipe Lumbreras, Joan Serrat, Pau Li, Jose Angel Contreras