I am Prassanna Ganesh Ravishankar

I am currently working on Probabilistic Graphical Models. My work involves the use of PGMs for Road Scene Understanding in an urban driving scene. I work with the Advanced Driving Assistance Group in CVC, University Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona. I am currently a beginner in this field, and I am ever open to ideas and knowledge.

I graduated from Manipal University doing a bachelors in Electronics and Communication, in 2011. I was in FH Westkueste, Germany working on a project to extend an existing software to interface it with a Near-IR spectrometer. I went on to do a Masters in Computer Vision from the University of Sheffield which I completed in the fall of 2012. Following this, I did an internship for 3 months in Gade Autonomous Services Limited, which involved programming in Android/C++ for the Kinect/Scitos(robot)/Andy(robot).

  • Web developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Traveller
  • Movie Watcher


Semantic Road Scene Segmentation

I am currently working on this. This is the first stage of the much broader Road Scene Understanding problem. This stage involves a pixel wise labelling of the image into it's different classes (Road, Sky, Building, Car, etc.). I have currently implemented a simple system using Justin's Graphical Model Toolbox. Effort is being made to increase accuracy, as well as computational efficiency.

Fundamentals of Programming

I will be teaching the practicals for the course of Fundamentals of Programming (with C) for undergraduate engineering students of Semester 1. This section will be updated and shall be used as a placeholder for any links that I might put up. Click here

Interesting Reading

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