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The analysis of multispectral or multiband can help tackle different problems in an efficient way. The CVC’s MultiSpectral Image Analysis and Understanding group focuses on exploring the use of spectral information complementary to the visible spectrum to develop advanced computer vision systems. The main research topics are the design of acquisition systems, image registration, 3D reconstruction, non-rigid models matching, semantic segmentation and the detection and classification of objects. Although the research is transversal, the area of ​​application where the group mainly focuses is the analysis of multi-spectral aerial images, obtained either with satellites or drones. In this context, the CVC works in precision farming and precision agriculture, cloud analysis and the geolocation of elements of interest. And also focuses on the processing, analysis and representation of images from different spectral bands in order to address issues related with the prevention and monitoring of fire, as well as post-fire monitoring of affected areas.