I currently have assignments in:

Software Engineering Lab (lis.uab.cat) in the Degree in Informatics, Software Engineering                          Specialization

Introduction to Machine Learning, in the Module 3 of the «Master in Computer Vision»

All from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). I also was the responsible of the full Software Engineering Specialization of the UAB Degree in Informatics since it was created until 2016.
A short summary of the past assignments, from Computer Science or Doctorate courses, are:

Introduction to Machine Learning (2013-2016)
Generative Learning in Presence of Latent Variables (2007-2012)
Computer Vision for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (2006-2008)
Low-level Vision and Image Features (1999-2005)
Software Engineering II (1998-2012)
Computer Graphics II (1994)
Informatics II (1993)
Computational Logic (1993-2005)
Expert Systems (1992-1995)
Advanced Programming Techniques (1992)

In addition, I have directed more than 40 BSc Projects and Master theses.