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Freecycle Barcelona

My wife Claudia started the recycling network in Barcelona, which now has over 1000 members!



I wish this existed when I was a kid!





Corto Maltese

Best comic ever written...






Best footballer ever

Sorry, there's no point arguing...







Most beautiful city in the world








PhD Comics

Worth a laugh... enjoy it!













Jorge Luis Borges

Favourite reading. Highly recommended. If you never read it start with "Fictions" or "The Aleph"





Philip K. Dick

Fav Sci.Fi. writer







Charles Darwin

A hero of mine





Stanley Kubrik

A damn good film director






Philip Pullman

Great writer





The Pixies

A damn good rock band






Blade Runner

An old favourite of mine...






Club de Rugby Sant Cugat

if you have children who want to try an exciting new sport, this is also recommended




Tom Troscianko (1953-2011)

Most Fun-loving PhD supervisor in the world (Obituary)









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