Member of ADAS group

Angel D. Sappa, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher

Edifici O Campus UAB
08193 - Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Valles)
Barcelona, Spain

Email: angel dot sappa [at] cvc dot uab dot es
Tel: +34 93 581 4905
Fax: +34 93 581 1670


Current Students 

  • Jordi Salvador Bernadí <PhD Student>
  • Xavier Soria Poma <PhD Student>
  • Patricia Suarez <PhD student>
  • Jorge Charco <PhD Student>
  • Rafael Rivadeneira <PhD Student>
  • Armin Mehri <PhD Student>


    Former Students and Collaborators
  • Cristhian Aguilera Carrazco, Ph.D. 2017, "Local feature description in cross-spectral imagery", <now at Universidad de los Lagos, Puerto Montt, Chile>
  • German Ros, Ph.D. 2016, "Visual Scene Understanding for Autonomous Vehicles: Understanding Where and What", <now at Toyota Research Institute, Michigan, USA>
  • Ariel Amato, Post-Doc. 2015-2017, "The Open Solution Platform (OPS)", <now at VINTRA, Barcelona, Spain>
  • Mónica Piñol Naranjo, Ph.D. 2014, "Reinforcement Learning based Image Descriptors", <now at INDRA, Barcelona, Spain>
  • Naveen Onkarappa, Ph.D. 2013, "Optical Flow in Driver Assistance Systems", <now at Samsung R&D Center, Warsaw, Poland>
  • Jordi Salvador Bernadí, M.Sc.2013, <now at Cat UAV; Moià, Spain>
  • Gioacchino Vino, MEngSci 2013, "Multispectral Image Descriptor", <now at SITAEL SPA; Bari, Italy>
  • Miguel A. Riem de Oliveira, Ph.D. 2013, "On-Board Image Registration and Fusion", <now at Aveiro University; Aveiro, Portugal>
  • Fernando Barrera, Ph.D. 2012, "Multimodal Stereo from Thermal Infrared and Visible Spectrum",  <now at University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France>
  • Mohammad Rouhani, Ph.D. 2012, "Shape Representation and Registration using Implicit Functions", <now at Technicolor; Paris, France>     

  • Luca Gallo, MEngSci 2009, "Acquisition, Processing and Visualization of 3D Data from a Stereo Rig". <now at National Instrumets; Rome, Italy>
  • Carme Julià, Ph.D. 2008, "Factorization with Missing Data Addressing the Structure from Motion Problem", <now at Rovira i Virgili University; Tarragona, Spain>

  • Hugo Berti, M.Sc. 2005, "Automatic Navigation of Mobile Robots", <now at National University of La Pampa; La Pampa, Argentina>

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