Dimosthenis Karatzas

Dr Dimosthenis Karatzas

Dr Dimosthenis Karatzas

Computer Vision Centre
Room 120, Edifici O
Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona
08193, Bellaterra
Barcelona, Spain


Tel: +34 935813841
Fax: +34 935811670
E-mail: dimos (append "@cvc.uab.es")

Dimosthenis Karatzas is a professor at the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona and associate director of the Computer Vision Centre, Spain, where he leads the Vision and Language research group. He received his PhD from the University of Liverpool, UK in 2003.

His main research interests are computer vision and machine learning, and in particular robust reading systems, document image analysis, human-document interaction, and human perception modeling.

He has been the principal investigator of a number of research projects. He is the recipient of the 2013 IAPR / ICDAR Young Investigator Award “for outstanding service to the ICDAR community in a variety of roles, as well as innovative research in human perception-based document analysis.” and a Google Research Faculty Award in 2016 in the line of machine perception.

He has led numerous technology transfer and research contracts with companies. He has co-founded two start-up companies to date: TruColour, UK in 2007 and AllRead, Spain in 2019.

Dr Karatzas conceived and led the creation of the “Library Living Lab” (L3), converting a public library in Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona, into an open, participatory innovation space.

He launched and runs since 2011 the Robust Reading Competition series, that has been established as the de-facto international benchmark in his research domain. The competition portal serves more than >12,000 registered researchers from >120 countries and having received >47,000 evaluated submissions to date (see latest statistics at the RRC Web portal).

I have served the international research community in several roles, including participating in the organisation of key international events in his research field, such as ICDAR, DAS, ICFHR and CBDAR, while I have initiated the workshops series Int. Workshop on Robust Reading (IWRR), and Human-Document Interaction (HDI).

In 2019, I participated in the definition of the Catalan Strategy on Artificial Intelligence, under the name “Catalonia.AI”.

Dr Karatzas is the chair of the >1,200 members strong IAPR TC-11 (Reading Systems), a member of the IAPR Education Committee and member of the IEEE, the SPIE and the IAPR.

A longer version of my CV can be found here.

[Last Updated: October 2019]

Research Interests

  • Computer Vision

  • Machine Learning

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Reading Systems

  • Vision and Language

  • Robust Reading

  • Scene text understanding

  • Human-Document Interaction


I try to maintaing a list of publications here, but I recommend looking at my Google Scholar profile for a more up to date list.

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