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A Polar-based Logo Representation based on Topological and Colour Features

F. Nourbakhsh, D. Karatzas and E. Valveny

Proceedings of the 9th IARP Workshop on Document Analysis Systems, ACM Press, pp. 341-348, Boston, MA, USA, 2010


In this paper, we propose a novel rotation and scale invariant method for colour logo retrieval and classification, which involves performing a simple colour segmentation and subsequently describing each of the resultant colour components based on a set of topological and colour features. A polar representation is used to represent the logo and the subsequent logo matching is based on Cyclic Dynamic Time Warping (CDTW). We also show how combining information about the global distribution of the logo components and their local neighbourhood using the Delaunay triangulation allows to improve the results. All experiments are performed on a dataset of 2500 instances of 100 colour logo images in different rotations and scales.

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