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Perceptual Image Retrieval by Adding Color Information to the Shape Context Descriptor

M. Rusinol, F. Nourbakhsh, D. Karatzas, E. Valveny and J. Llados

Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, IEEE Press, pp. 1594-1597, Istanbul, Turkey, 2010


In this paper we present a method for the retrieval of images in terms of perceptual similarity. Local color information is added to the shape context descriptor in order to obtain an object description tackling with shape and color as visual cues. We use a color naming algorithm in order to represent the color information from a perceptual point of view. The proposed method has been tested in two different applications, a queried by color sketches object retrieval scenario and a color trademark retrieval problem. Experimental results show that the addition of the color information significantly outperforms the shape context descriptor.

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