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Generation of Synthetic Documents for Performance Evaluation of Symbol Recognition & Spotting Systems

M. Delalandre, E. Valveny, T. Pridmore and D. Karatzas

International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition, Vol. 13, Num. 3, pp. 187-207, 2010

[Impact Factor: 1,21 / 3rd (Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence)]


This paper deals with the topic of performance evaluation of symbol recognition & spotting systems. We propose here a new approach to the generation of synthetic graphics documents containing non-isolated symbols in a real context. This approach is based on the definition of a set of constraints that permit us to place the symbols on a pre-defined background according to the properties of a particular domain (architecture, electronics, engineering, etc.). In this way, we can obtain a large amount of images resembling real documents by simply defining the set of constraints and providing a few pre-defined backgrounds. As documents are synthetically generated, the groundtruth (the location and the label of every symbol) becomes automatically available. We have applied this approach to the generation of a large database of architectural drawings and electronic diagrams, which shows the flexibility of the system. Performance evaluation experiments of a symbol localization system showthat our approach permits to generate documents with different features that are reflected in variation of localization results.

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