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Visual Representation of Text in Web Documents and Its Interpretation

D. Karatzas, A. Antonacopoulos

in the book: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Visual Representations and Interpretations, G.R. Malcolm (Ed.), Series: Studies in Multidisciplinarity, Vol.2, Elsevier, 2004, pp. 181-196


This paper examines the uses of text and its representation on Web documents in terms of the challenges in its interpretation. Particular attention is paid to the significant problem of non-uniform representation of text. This non-uniformity is mainly due to the presence of semantically important text in image form as opposed to the standard encoded text. The issues surrounding text representation in Web documents are discussed in the context of colour perception and spatial representation. The characteristics of the representation of text in image form are examined and research towards interpreting these images of text is briefly described.

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