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A Fuzzy Approach to Text Segmentation in Web Images Based on Human Colour Perception

A. Antonacopoulos, D. Karatzas

in the book: Web Document Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities, A. Antonacopoulos and J. Hu (Eds.), Series in Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence, World Scientific Publishing Company, 2003, pp. 203-221


This chapter describes a new approach for the segmentation of text in images on Web pages. In the same spirit as the authors’ previous work on this subject, this approach attempts to model the ability of humans to differentiate between colours. In this case, pixels of similar colour are first grouped using a colour distance defined in a perceptually uniform colour space (as opposed to the commonly used RGB). The resulting colour connected components are then grouped to form larger (character-like) regions with the aid of a propinquity measure, which is the output of a fuzzy inference system. This measure expresses the likelihood for merging two components based on two features. The first feature is the colour distance between the components, in the L*a*b* colour space. The second feature expresses the topological relationship of two components. The results of the method indicate a better performance than previous methods devised by the authors and possibly better (a direct comparison is not really possible due to the differences in application domain characteristics between this and previous methods) performance to other existing methods.

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