David Vázquez, Ph.D., received the BSc degree in Technical Systems Computer Science from Universidade de A Coruña (UDC) in 2006 (From 2004 to 2006 he studied under the Seneca Scholarship at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM) and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I (URJC) where he has done his final project on face recognition in the Face Recognition & Artificial Vision (FRAV) research group supervised by E. Cabello) and the BSc degree in Computer Science from UAB in 2008 where he has done his final project on person and car detection in Intelligent Video Surveillance systems in the company Davantis supervised by A.M. Lopez from UAB.

He received the MSc on Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence under the Research Training Program (PIF) of the UAB, at the Computer Vision Center (CVC) in 2009 doing his MSc Thesis on the study of the “effect of the distance in pedestrian detection” supervised by A.M. Lopez from UAB.

Recently, he received the Phd on Computer Science under the Research Training  Program (PIF) of the UAB, at the CVC doing his PhD Thesis “Domain Adaptation of Pedestrian Detection” supervised by A.M. Lopez from UAB. He is an active member of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems research group (ADAS) and an assistant professor at the Computer Science Department (DCC) at the UAB. He has done a stage at Daimler supervised by Prof. Dr. D. Gavrila.

His research interests include Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS, Pedestrian Detection, Virtual-Worlds, Domain Adaptation, Scene Understanding, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition.

He has mentoring over 10 students from High school to PhD Thesis, work as peer reviewer at international conferences and journals such as ITS, ICPR or Sensors. Also he has co-organized different international workshops at conferences such ECCV, ICCV or CVPR.


I am looking for motivated students, interested in pursuing a Bachelor/Master/High-school Thesis or semester project related with computer vision or applied machine learning. Please contact me for details!

Below there is a list of students I have co-supervised:

Ph.D Students

  • Alejandro González, Ph.D. Student, UAB, 2013-now Ph.D. Thesis: SpatioTemporal Information for pedestrian detection
  • Zhijie Fang, Ph.D. Student, UAB 2014-now Ph.D. Thesis: Pedestrian intention analysis

Master Students

  • Manuel Granados, M.Sc. Student, UAB, 2013-2014 M.Sc. Thesis: Semantic Scene Understanding for Urban Scenarios
  • Gabriel Villalonga, M.Sc. Student, UAB 2014-2015 M.Sc. Thesis: Georeferenciate objects detected by stereo vision

Undergraduate Students

  • Gerard Clotet, B.E.E. Student, UAB, 2014 Project: Integration of Autonomous Driving Algorithms in ROS
  • Sergi Canyameres, B.Sc. Student, UAB 2014-2015 Thesis: Deep Learning for Object detection
  • Jordi Frias, B.Math. Student, UAB, 2014 Project: 3D Ground Plane Estimation
  • Javier Gómez Domínguez, B.Sc. Student, UAB, 2014-2015 Thesis: Lane Departure Warning
  • Laura Sellar, B.Sc. Student, UAB, 2014-2015 Thesis: Generation of Synthetic Data for Autonomous Driving Applications
  • Andrea Alvarez, B.Sc. Student, UAB, 2013-2014 Thesis: 3D Semantic Segmentation
  • Gabriel Villalonga, B.Sc. Student, UAB, 2013-2014 Thesis: 3D Pedestrian Detection
  • Natalia Morales, B.B.A. Student, ESADE, 2013-2014 Thesis: Business Plan for Visual Person Detector
  • Sergi Canyameres, B.Sc. Student, UAB, 2012-2013 Project: Virtual World for ADAS

Hight School Students

  • Javier Domingo Sierra, H.S. Student, UAB, 2014-2015 Thesis: Driver Monitoring
  • Alejandro Daniel Noel, H.S. Student, La Salle Bonanova, 2014-2015 Thesis: Driver Monitoring Thesis: Computer Vision for MAVs