Resources Machine Learning / Deep Learning

These are some good materials that one can check to learn most of the concepts needed to work with deep learning. I would recommend you to start having a look to Larochelle’s video lectures (weeks, 1, 2 and 7) and then continue with the recommended videos of the Deep Learning summer school 2015 (check below). It is also very interesting to read the notes and single videos below too. Don’t forget to check the practical guide by Y. Bengio and the MatConvNet reference manual!

[Video tutorials]

o Machine learning course by Hugo Larochelle, weeks 1, 2, 7

o Deep Learning summer school 2015 videos (videlectures)

– Deep Learning:Theoretical Motivations by Bengio
– Multilayer Neural Networks by Léon Bottou
– Training Deep Neural Networks by Hugo Larochelle
– Convolutional Networks by Honglak Lee
– Deep Learning 2 by Ruslan Salakhutdinov
– Seeing People with Deep Learning by Graham Taylor
– Tutorial on Neural Network Optimization Problems by Ian Goodfellow
– Deep Learning (hopefully faster) byAdam Coates

o Nando de Freira deep learning course (Youtube)

!! Warning! Do not start from the last lesson! Be careful with the playlist 🙂


o Stanford course
o Ranzato slides, Fb

[Interesting notes]

Colah, ConvNets a modular perspective
o Stanford, Introduction to ConvNets


o Deep Learning by Goodfellow, Courville and Bengio
o Learning Deep Architectures for AI by Bengio
o Deep Learning in Neural Networks: An Overview, by J.Schmidhuber 

[Practical guides]

o MatConvNet reference
o Practical Recommendations for Gradient-Based Training of Deep          Architectures