ViLi (Vision LISP)

Considering the shortcomings of similar programs, ViLi was firstly created to provide a common framework for the development of image processing software at the UAB's Computer Science Department. During the last years, it has become a helpful tool for anyone working with images. It has already become a basic tool for the undergraduate and graduate Computer Science students at the Universitat Autňnoma de Barcelona in several areas, such as Image Processing, Computer Vision and Industrial Vision.

ViLi is based on a LISP interpreter with an extension to image processing. The environment considers two programming levels: first, image processing operations (convolution, dilation, FFT...) implemented in C that form the pixel level , and second, their combination using LISP, that forms the image level . We follow the functional philosophy in image processing operation design to simplify their combination and integration in LISP. In closed laboratory assignments, students use ViLi interactivily at image level and, in open laboratory they use ViLi at pixel level.


Minimun hardware and software requirements

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