Segmentation and analysis of lineal textures in plans

Gemma Sánchez, Josep Lladós, Enric Martí

Computer Vision Center - Dep. d'Informàtica - Edifici O - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona)



he problem of texture segmentation and interpretation is one of the main concerns in the field of document analysis. Graphical documents often contain areas characterized by a structural texture whose recognition allows both the document understanding, and its storage in a more compact way. In this work, we focus on structural linial textures of regular repetition contained in plan documents. Starting from an atributed graph which represents the vectorized input image, we develop a method to segment textured areas and recognize their placement rules. We wish to emphasize that the searched textures do not follow a predefined pattern. Minimal closed loops of the input graph are computed, and then hierarchically clustered. In this hierarchical clustering, a distance function between two closed loops is defined in terms of their areas difference and boundary resemblance computed by a string matching procedure. Finally it is noted that, when the texture consists of isolated primitive elements, the same method can be used after computing a Voronoi Tesselation of the input graph.

Keywords: Structural Texture, Voronoi, Hierarchical Clustering, String Matching.

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