Poster Session

📑 Hierarchical multimodal transformers for Multipage DocVQA by Rubèn Tito, Dimosthenis Karatzas & Ernest Valveny | 2023 | Journal article | Pattern Recognition

📑 BabyNet: Reconstructing 3D faces of babies from uncalibrated photographs by Araceli Morales, Antonia Alomar, Antonio R. Porras, Marius George Linguraru, Gemma Piella & Federico M. Sukno | 2023 | Journal article | Pattern Recognition

📑 BeLFusion: Latent Diffusion for Behavior-Driven Human Motion Prediction by German Barquero; Sergio Escalera; Cristina Palmero | 2023 | Conference Proceeding | International Conference on Computer Vision

📑 All4One: Symbiotic Neighbour Contrastive Learning via Self-Attention and Redundancy Reduction by Imanol G. Estepa; Ignacio Sarasúa; Bhalaji Nagarajan; Petia Radeva | 2023 | Conference Proceeding | International Conference on Computer Vision

📑 Augmented Box Replay: Overcoming Foreground Shift for Incremental Object Detection by Yuyang Liu; Yang Cong; Dipam Goswami; Xialei Liu; Joost van de Weijer | 2023 | Conference Proceeding | International Conference on Computer Vision

📑 Ante-Hoc Generation of Task-Agnostic Interpretation Maps by Akash Guna R T; Raul Benitez; Sikha O K | 2023 | Conference Proceeding | Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

📑 Looking behind occlusions: a study on amodal segmentation for robust on-tree apple fruit size estimation by Jordi Gené-Mola; Mar Ferrer-Ferrer; Eduard Gregorio; Pieter M. Blok; Jochen Hemming; Josep-Ramon Morros; Joan R. Rosell-Polo; Verónica Vilaplana; Javier Ruiz-Hidalgo | 2023 | Journal article | Computers and Electronics in Agriculture

📑 Automated Orientation Detection of 3D Head Reconstructions from sMRI using Multiview Orthographic Projections: An Image Classification-Based Approach by Álvaro Heredia-Lidón; Alejandro González; Carlos Guerrero-Mosquera; Rubèn Gonzàlez-Colom; Luis M. Echeverry; Noemí Hostalet; Raymond Salvador; Edith Pomarol-Clotet; Juan Fortea | 2023 | Conference Proceeding | Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis

📑 Dining on Details: LLM-Guided Expert Networks for Fine-Grained Food Recognition by Jesús M. Rodríguez-de-Vera; Pablo Villacorta; Imanol G. Estepa; Marc Bolaños; Ignacio Sarasúa; Bhalaji Nagarajan and Petia Radeva | 2023 | Conference Proceeding | ACM International Conference in Multimedia [Workshop MADIMA]

📑 medigan: a Python library of pretrained generative models for medical image synthesis by Richard Osuala; Grzegorz Skorupko; Noussair Lazrak; Lidia Garrucho; Eloy García; Smriti Joshi; Socayna Jouide; Michael Rutherford; Fred Prior; Kaisar Kushibar; Oliver Díaz; Karim Lekadir | 2023 | Journal article | SPIE Journal of Medical Imaging

📑 Synthetic Data Generation Framework, Dataset, and Efficient Deep Model for Pedestrian Intention Prediction by Muhammad Naveed Riaz; Maciej Wielgosz; Abel García Romera; Antonio M. López | 2023 | Conference Proceeding | 26th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems

Industry Networking

ACMCV wants to offer students the opportunity to meet companies interested in attracting young talent. Whether you are already a graduate, about to start a master’s degree or presenting your thesis during the event, this is your chance to meet Computer Vision companies that are willing to get to know your interests and offer you academic (MSc research projects & internships) and/or job opportunities.

Come and meet: