Spotlight Session

Papers presented at ACMCV 2022 Spotlight Session:

  1. Si3gn Language Video Retrieval with Free-Form Textual Queries; by Amanda Duarte (UPC) | Presented at CVPR 2022
  2. VoViT: Low Latency Graph-based Audio-Visual Voice Separation Transformer; by Juan F. Montesinos (UPF) | Presented at ECCV 2022
  3. VocaLiST: An Audio-Visual Synchronisation Model for Lips and Voices; by Venkatesh Shenoy Kadandale (UPF) | Presented at Interspeech 2022
  4. Conditional-Flow NeRF: Accurate 3D Modelling with Reliable Uncertainty Quantification; by Jianxiong Shen (IRI-UPC) | Presented at ECCV 2022
  5. SlimSeg: Slimmable Semantic Segmentation with Boundary Supervision; by Danna Xue (CVC) | Presented at ACM Multimedia 2022
  6. Efficient Remote Photoplethysmography with Temporal Derivative Modules and Time-Shift Invariant Loss; by Joaquim Comas Martínez (UPF) | Presented at CVPRW 2022
  7. Attracting and Dispersing: A Simple Approach for Source-free Domain Adaptation; by Shiqi Yang (CVC) | Presented at NeurIPS 2022
  8. Incidents1M: a large-scale dataset of images with natural disasters, damage, and incidents; by Agata Lapedriza (UOC) | Presented at TPAMI 2022
  9. Image Quality Evaluation in Professional HDR/WCG Production Questions the Need for HDR Metrics; by Javier Vázquez-Corral (CVC) | Presented at Transactions on Image Processing 2022

Chair of the session: Carles Ventura (UOC)