Industrial research to generate quality employment

Industrial research to generate quality employment

May 12, 2014. Catalonia is excellent in scientific research and, unfortunately, in the low conversion of the results of this research in employment and economic activity too. A paradox that some of the research and technological Catalan institutions are willing to solve by joining forces to make an investigation that solves real industrial problems and turn them into business opportunities.

 This is the case of the alliance between ASCAMM, a technology center very close to industrial needs, and Computer Vision Center (CVC), a research center at UAB leader in the field of computer vision and its practical applications; these centers have signed a long term partnership in order to jointly offer advanced technological solutions to computer vision companies and institutions involved in the development of "smart cities" as well as leading manufacturing companies among other sectors.

 The agreement between the CVC and ASCAMM, signed on May 12, has had the support of the General Directorate of Research of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in line with its strategy of improving the social return of scientific research and to ensure that research centers, technology centers and innovative companies make up a true innovation ecosystem able to significantly improve the competitiveness of our industry. Thus, to a strategy of wage decreases, which can only make this territory a second rate country, this agreement is a firm commitment to improving productivity and efficiency, and so be among the most advanced countries. In this case, making the dreaded eye of "The Big Brother of Orwell", and the computers that process all you see is at the service of people, smart mobility, quality control and a long list of activities and processes that until now only have the human eye as a tool.

 We may have to thank the crisis that a set of agents and institutions of the country, isolated elements until now are connected between them, acting jointly, mutually reinforcing and strengthen the overall capacity of the economic system. At the end of the day, the current economic crisis, yet being global, affected to a lesser degree the most efficient countries. And to get out in the best way and to better fit the future, there is no other way than to significantly improve our efficiency.

Comunication Ascamm CT: Pilar Morera. T. 935 944 700 Comunication CVC: Ainhoa Balagué T. 93 581 18 28

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