Researcher in Computer Vision for ICAR

Researcher in Computer Vision for ICAR Application deadline: 07/02/2015   Icar Vision Systems is seeking a hard-worker and talented Researcher in Computer Vision, who will develop new technologies for identifying, reading and authenticate ID documents and passports from images acquired from a wide range of devices, from flat-bed scanners to mobile devices, and the specialized scanner IDBox. Candidates should have a PhD in Computer Vision, preferably in Object Recognition. Sound knowledge on Machine Learning, Image Descriptors, Image Matching, Homography Estimation, Document Analysis, Document retrieval, Grammars and OCR will be an advantage. Technical skills for programming in C++ and Python, and a good knowledge of OpenCV and machine learning libraries will be specially appreciated. Candidates are expected to be able to develop elegant and nice source code of their algorithms, and develop them fast. To be incorporated as soon as possible to a full-time, permanent position, with a probationary period of six months. Closing date for applications: 21 March 2015   In order to apply, please send a CV with publications and a presentation letter to]]>