CVC participates in Deep Learning Barcelona as a key sponsor and contributes with several CVC researchers

CVC participates in Deep Learning Barcelona as a key sponsor and contributes with several CVC researchers

CVC is participating in the 3rd Deep Learning Barcelona Symposium (DLBCN) as a key sponsor and is contributing with several CVC researchers. CVC is present on the organizing committee as well as on talks and posters. This DLBCN edition expands its categories by adding a life sciences area as it is key in the current artificial intelligence technological revolution. The symposium will feature deep learning world-class leaders in Barcelona on 22 and 23 December.

Barcelona is hosting on 22 and 23 December at UPC Campus Nord the third Deep Learning Barcelona Symposium (DLBCN). Deep learning is one of the engines of the current artificial intelligence technological revolution. This has been implemented in almost all audiovisual fields, such as speech recognition by virtual assistants or photo file organizers. The trend has leaped to the field of life sciences, with applications related to new drugs development or support for medical diagnosis. For this reason, this 2021 symposium is presenting for the first time a session on applications to genomics, nutrition, detection of COVID-19 from cough, or medical imaging.

Deep Learning Barcelona Symposium aims to highlight Barcelona-developed research, bringing together top-notch researchers who are either developing their research in the city right now or had pursued part of their academic career here. The symposium presents 32 talks and 41 posters from international universities such as Stanford, MIT, or Columbia, multinational companies as Meta, Amazon, NVidia and ElementAI, and local research centers like Computer Vision Center (CVC).

CVC is participating in Deep Learning Barcelona Symposium (DLBCN) in diverse ways. It is a sponsor together with Meta AI (Facebook), UOC eHealth Center and UPC School of Telecommunications. CVC researchers Dimosthenis Karatzas (UAB-CVC), Sergio Escalera (UB-CVC) and Petia Radeva (UB-CVC) are part of the Organizing Committee along with some other local institutions and companies in the field of artificial intelligence. Various talks and posters are presented by CVC scientists: