Junior 3D Artist for ADA- Semi-Supervised Learning for Automatic Data Annotation project (SSL-ADA)

Junior 3D Artist for ADA- Semi-Supervised Learning for Automatic Data Annotation project (SSL-ADA)

Reference: 20220525_SSL_ADA

The Computer Vision Center (CVC) is a non-profit research center established in 1995 by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Its mission is to carry out cutting-edge research that has the highest international impact in the field of computer vision. It also promotes the transference of knowledge to industry and society.

One of the fields in which CVC works is Autonomous Driving (AD) enabled by Deep Learning (DL). A current bottleneck is the relative low availability of annotated data to train artificial drivers based on DL. Thus, a line of work at CVC is to automatically generate photo-realistic scenarios by means of Computer Graphics, and, more specifically by using professional frameworks which support this task (e.g., Houdini, Unity3D/UE4, Octane, etc.).

The project SSL-ADA (Semi-Supervised Learning supported by Automatic Data Generation[i]), lead by Dr. Antonio M. López, and funded by Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación & Agencia Estatal de Investigagción, studies the use of photo-realistic images and SSL to train deep vision models for autonomous driving tasks, removing the synth-to-real domain gap along the way. In this context, focusing on on-board image generation with automatically ground truth, we look for a junior/student 3D artist with a reasonable background in the creation of 3D urban assets for photorealistic rendering.

Main tasks:

  • Creation of photorealistic 3D textured urban assets to be consumed from either Unity3D with Octane Render or a stand-alone Octane Render solution.


  • Experience creating photorealistic 3D traffic assets and traffic participants for Octane Render.
  • Experience creating photorealistic 3D assets ready for generating different versions of each core asset (i.e., for randomizing automatic scene generation), using Octane Render.
  • Experience rendering scenes with Octane Render plugged in the Unity3D framework.
  • Experience rendering scenes with Octane Render stand-alone.
  • Good communication skills and teamwork habits and tools (e.g., GitLab, etc.).
  • Good reading level of technical documents in English.
  • Note that we seek for a junior or student level candidate, we are not offering a position for more senior 3D artists.

Contract conditions:

  • Start date: as soon as possible.
  • Full-time contract (37,5h/week) until 31/12/2022
  • Salary: to be negotiated.

Application and criteria:

  1. Admission of candidates: applicants must submit their curriculum vitae through CVC online form in this link https://www9.cvc.uab.es/work-with-us/, indicating offer code 20220525_SSL_ADA.
  2. Pre-selection: determination of compliance with the minimum requirements of the offer.
  3. Selection: assessment of the preselected candidates by scoring based on objective criteria.
  4. Potential candidates will be contacted to set up an interview.
  5. Final decision: in case of finding the suitable person, the election will be formally communicated to him/her.

Application deadline: 01/06/2022 15:00

[i] Este contrato es parte del proyecto de I+D+i / ayuda PID2020-115734RB-C21, financiado por MCIN/ AEI/10.13039/501100011033.

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