CVC sets up all-gender restrooms

CVC's Equality Commission promotes gender-neutral bathrooms

Restrooms are commonly designated with gendered signage for males and females. However, it is important to be aware of the harmful stereotypes this broadly accepted dichotomy reinforces. In order to overcome this negative effect, bathrooms should be redesigned to be more inclusive. 

The Computer Vision Center (CVC) is firmly committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. CVC's vision on gender stands on equal treatment for everybody independently of their gender identity, sexual orientation or gender expression. We work to create an inclusive space where everyone can feel safe and comfortable.    

Being aware of the importance of making available gender-inclusive restrooms, the CVC's Equality Commission launched an initiative to adapt its facilities in order to have all-gendered restrooms at our research center. The ground floor bathrooms and their gendered signage have been recently changed to non-binary.  As of now, CVC staff and research personnel can use the bathroom in which they feel more comfortable. And, though there are no binary bathrooms on the ground floor anymore, male and female restrooms can still be found on the first floor. 

The available options provide now equal access to the facilities regardless of gender identity or expression.  

If you need more information, please read the all-gender restroom brochure where you will find the most FAQs and/or contact

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