Expert on Unreal Engine 4 Programming for CARLA, the Open Source Autonomous Driving Simulator

Expert on Unreal Engine 4 Programming for CARLA, the Open Source Autonomous Driving Simulator

Project motivation:

CARLA is an internationally recognized project that brings the state of the art in autonomous driving simulation to the world. CARLA started in 2016 as an open-source project sponsored by Intel and developed at the Computer Vision Center (Barcelona, Spain). Since then, CARLA has become the top-one open-source simulator for autonomous driving, used and supported by international organizations such as Intel, Toyota Research Institute, KPIT, GM, Futurewei, and NVIDIA. Our simulator is built upon Unreal Engine 4 and through this project we aim to democratize and standardize the development and verification of AI agents in the field of autonomous vehicles. We look to provide society with the right tool to boost progress in this critical field, bringing this technology to the masses. That is why CARLA is and it will always be developed and released under the open-source paradigm (all our code and assets). Since the project has attracted a high attention from both academia and industry, we are facing a 4th phase focusing on improving current functionalities and adding completely new ones.

Your role as a new team member will be working on the design and development of CARLA features that strongly depend on Unreal Engine 4. You will be working within a multidisciplinary team of engineers, artists, machine learning scientists, computer vision researchers and autonomous driving folks from all over the world.

Mandatory skill requirements:

● Strong C++ programming experience, especially in Linux environments
● Strong experience in Unreal Engine 4 programming
● Good knowledge of algebra and geometry (3D transformations, etc.)
● Experience in open-source tools, especially github
● Good online communication and team-collaboration skills
● English fluency

Highly Valuable Skills:

● Experience with Vulkan
● Experience in Python programming
● Experience in programming Computer Graphics algorithms

Contract conditions:

● Start date: as soon as possible
● Full-time open-ended contract due to technical and scientific activities linked to the project and budget duration
● Salary: to be negotiated

If you are interested in this position and need more information, please contact

The vacancy will remain open until a suitable candidate has been hired. Applications will be regularly reviewed and potential candidates will be contacted.

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