CVC facilitates a sustainable menstruation toilet

CVC facilitates a sustainable menstruation toilet for menstrual cup cleansing

The Computer Vision Center (CVC) is firmly committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. CVC's vision on gender stands on equal treatment for everybody independently of their gender identity, sexual orientation or gender expression. We work to create an inclusive space where everyone can feel safe and comfortable.    

Being aware of the negative impact of non-reusable menstruation options for the planet and health of the people, CVC has facilitated a sustainable menstruation toilet. In this way, menstruating women and menstruating people can have a trustworthy space where using and cleaning reusable products such as the menstrual cup.

Recommendations followed by Rezero & Barcelona City Council (and their “lavabos amics de la menstruació sostenible” campaing):

Restrooms must have a sink with a functional tray in the same individual compartment as the toilet with soap (preferably pH neutral and additives free) and toilet paper (preferably recycled and free of additives such as fragrances or colorants). They must also have a waste garbage can with a regular waste disposal service and adequate waste management. And, of course, the fixed infrastructure must be in good condition and in good working order, such as the toilet chain, lighting and door locking system.