February 11 is the “International Day of Women and Girls in Science” and also Grandmas in Science Day!

CVC collaborates with Red Cross Cerdanyola-Ripollet-Montcada on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

In collaboration with the Red Cross Cerdanyola-Ripollet-Montcada, our research center organized an activity for female senior citizens to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, February 11.

Twelve grandmas visited CVC and participated in a workshop aimed to encourage and empower them to get involved in science and enhance their natural curiosity for the world around them. Cause science is everywhere!

By breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for our female seniors to engage with science and technology, we hope to inspire more women of all ages and encourage, if they want, to pursue careers in science and technology. In addition to having a good time and becoming ambassadors of technology, the youngest members in their families will surely be amazed by everything they learned!

We started with a brief presentation about the CVC, the history of women in science, and how their contributions have helped shape our world. Next, the grandmas were introduced to simple and fun experiments they can do at home to explore the world of science.

The activity was not only about learning science but also about empowering grandmas to explore the world around them and broaden their horizons. By becoming ambassadors of technology, the grandmas can inspire the youngest members of their families and communities to pursue the love and natural curiosity for science and technology.

We are proud to have collaborated with the Red Cross Cerdanyola-Ripollet-Montcada on this initiative, and we remain committed to promoting science and technology education among women of all ages. At CVC, we believe that science is for everyone, and we look forward to more collaborations that can make a difference in our community.