Quantum Machine Learning

CVC Seminar

We are pleased to present the Quantum Machine Learning Group (QML-CVC) on Friday, October 20, 2023.

We will introduce the people and the main lines of work of the QML-CVC Group, discussing fundamental components and scientific challenges of the Quantum Machine Learning field while identifying potential applications in Computer Vision.

The event will start with a general presentation of QML-CVC, followed by a 30-minute introductory seminar by Dr Matias Bilkis, CVC Research Fellow at QML-CVC. We will also count with the presence of Dr Artur García, from Barcelona Supercomputing Center and founder of Qilimanjaro, who will provide a general approach to the current challenges in the field.

In the afternoon at 15.30 h, we will have a Hands-on Technical Session addressed to those willing to get a first grasp on Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning -we will use Python libraries such as Qiskit and Pennylane-.

Everyone is welcomed!


12.00-12.05 h | Welcome and introduction of the agenda
12.05-12.15 h | Presentation of the Quantum Machine Learning Group by Dr Fernando Vilariño, PI of the QML-CVC
12.15-12.45 h | Seminar: “A Quantum Machine Learning Journey” by Dr Matías Bilkis
12.45-13.15 h | Presentation and debate with Dr Artur García: Current Challenges in Quantum Computing and QML
13.15-13.30 h | Open Questions
15.30-17.00 h | Hands-on on Quantum Machine Learning by Dr Matías Bilkis