Women’s day 2020

The CVC prepared a Twitter Campaign in order to celebrate Women’s day on the 8th of March. The main aim was to showcase the professionals we have at CVC, why they studied Computer Science and what would they tell future generations. You can find the Twitter moment here: https://twitter.com/i/events/1236928769501401093

Dr. Maria Vanrell, winner of the CIARP Aurora Pons-Porrata Award 2018

CVC Researcher Dr. Maria Vanrell has received the CIARP Aurora Pons-Porrata Award in recognition of her professional trajectory. This international prize is given annually to a living woman in recognition of an outstanding scientific contribution to the field of pattern recognition, data mining and related areas. Dr. Maria Vanrell is an Associate Professor of Artificial … Read more

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Marie Curie, Hypatia of Alexandria and Rosalind Franklin are probably some of the few names that sound familiar when talking about women in science. Unfortunately, not many more names stand out and neither do their contributions to science and, of course, society. Throughout history, there have been many brilliant women in science whose work has … Read more

The first computer algorithm comes by the name of Ada

Today is Ada Lovelace’s Day, a special celebration to visualize Ada’s contributions and to recognize women in science, technology, engineering and maths. Ada Lovelace made her contribution  in a moment when mathematics was considered only a man’s subject, but despite that, she created the first algorithm to be carried out by a machine. To commemorate … Read more