Present and future of Artificial Intelligence – Dr Josep Lladós featured at “Fet a Mida” – La Xarxa TV

Dr Josep Lladós, CVC director, participated in the TV programme “Fet a Mida” of the Local Television Network of Catalonia. He took part in a round table about Artificial Intelligence, along with Dr Karina Gibert, IDEAI-UPC director and Joan Mas, CIDAI director. You can watch the programme here (in Catalan). The round table starts at … Read more

CVC at Deep Learning Barcelona Symposium 2022

Once again CVC is participating in Deep Learning Barcelona Symposium (DLBCN) held at the UPC-Campus Nord, Barcelona, on 19 December. The event aims to showcase research on deep learning carried out by scientists in/from Barcelona (Scientists who currently work in Barcelona or who pursued part of their studies or career in Barcelona). This unique meeting gathers researchers … Read more

5 CVC researchers, among the top 5.000 researchers in Spain and Spaniards abroad according to the CSIC ranking

The Spanish National Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) has released the new edition of its Researchers in Spain and Spaniards Abroad ranking. This 2023 edition places five CVC researchers among the top 5.000 Spanish and foreign research scientists who do research in Spanish organizations ranked according to their profile indicators in the Google Scholar database. … Read more

CVC has successfully renewed the accreditation “Excellence in HR” of the European Commission

CVC has successfully fulfilled the HRS4R accreditation renewal process. The “Excellence in Human Resources” seal is an accreditation awarded by the European Commission to institutions and research centres that excel in implementing good human resources practices.  The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) supports institutions and research centers in implementing the European Charter & Code … Read more

CVC facilitates a sustainable menstruation toilet

The Computer Vision Center (CVC) is firmly committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. CVC’s vision on gender stands on equal treatment for everybody independently of their gender identity, sexual orientation or gender expression. We work to create an inclusive space where everyone can feel safe and comfortable.     Being aware of the negative impact of non-reusable menstruation options for the … Read more

El CVC, guardonat amb el premi AmicsUAB

El Centre de Visió per Computador (CVC) ha estat reconegut per l’associació Amics UAB amb el premi “Col·lectiu UAB”, dirigit a institucions que treballen millorant els serveis prestats a la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Aquest premi reconeix la feina realitzada pel col·lectiu del CVC durant els seus 27 anys d’història, la seva vinculació amb … Read more

Jornada Living Labs, Innovació Oberta i Universitats

“El Campus com a Living Lab” La IIIa Jornada del 24 Novembre 2022 és una iniciativa organitzada per la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, el Centre de Visió per Computador, i la Xarxa Europea de Living Labs (European Network of Living Labs – EnoLL).  Va nèixer al 2019 promoguda per ENoLL, la Universitat de Barcelona, i un conjunt d’actors de la innovació … Read more

Es presenta AIRA, l’Aliança de Recerca en Intel·ligència Artificial a Catalunya

La Generalitat de Catalunya, el CVC, el BSC-CNS, l’IDEAI-UPC, l’IIIA-CSIC i l’IRI-CSIC-UPC van presentat ahir l’AIRA, l’Aliança de Recerca en Intel·ligència Artificial a Catalunya. Durant l’acte de presentació, que va tenir lloc a la Casa de la Convalescència de la UAB, es va donar a conèixer la iniciativa als diferents membres de l’ecosistema de recerca … Read more

CVC at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2022

The Computer Vision Center attends the Smart City Expo World Congress, thanks to the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya, highlighting its latest Computer Vision technologies for mobility management. The Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) is the international leading event for cities. This year the event took place on November 15-17 at Fira de … Read more

Five CVC scientists featured in the “Top 2% researchers in AI for 2021”

We are more than happy to announce that 5 of our #CVCPeople scientists were featured in the “Top 2% researchers in #AI for 2021″👉 September 2022 data-update for “Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators” – Elsevier BV ( This ranking is created every year and makes publicly available a database of top-cited scientists providing standardized information on … Read more